OPM - Menace to Sobriety

OPM - Menace to Sobriety
Release Date:
August 15, 2000
Recording Location:
A & M Studios, Hollywood, CA; Axis Recording, NY; MNO Studios, Los Angeles, CA; Soundcastle, Los Angeles, CA; The Mix Room, Los Angeles, CA; The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA
Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Funk Metal, Heavy Metal, Rap-Rock, Ska-Punk
Menace to Sobriety

The debut album from these California skate punks taps into the usual new-millennium worries: teenage alienation, misunderstood intentions, a quest for the perfect high.

It's not very original and pretty short on ideas overall. The best song, "Heaven Is a Halfpipe," lifts its hip-hop/ska style and motivation from Sublime, which should give you a reference point on this jugheaded effort.

Stash Up / Michael Berrin / John Edney / L. Laws / Dave NavarroOPM2:58
Interlude: PunannyOPM0:33
Heaven Is a Halfpipe / John EdneyOPM3:47
El Capitan / John EdneyOPM4:17
Undercover Freak / John EdneyOPM3:22
Brighter Side / John Edney / Andrew FrommOPM3:30
Better Daze / John EdneyOPM3:58
Trucha / John EdneyOPM4:00
Dealerman / John EdneyOPM3:40
Reality Check / John EdneyOPM3:58
Interlude: Rage Against the Coke Machine / OPMOPM1:03
Unda / John Edney / M. JonesOPM2:50
Interlude: 15 Minutes / OPMOPM0:45
Fish Out of Water / John EdneyOPM6:03

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