Rob Ickes - What It Is

Rob Ickes - What It Is
Release Date:
February 5, 2002
What It Is

As in 1999's Slide City, Rob Ickes again combines jazz and swing stylings with the more countrified leanings of the dobro. The results are mixed and, at times, meld into a too-smooth combo resembling light jazz. What It Is works best when Ickes loosens up a bit around the instrument's natural inclinations: the way he works the melody on "Killeen," which was inspired by the Texan town, seems to point toward a more string-based effort; a cover of Marc Johnson's "Union Pacific" further iterates Ickes' simpler but no less enjoyable leanings; and "Blues for Sammy," which was written in response to Charlie Parker's Savoy sessions, allows him to stretch out his abilities as a great technician of the instrument.

Mr. GoodbarRob Ickes
Scheerhorn ShuffleRob Ickes
Self PortraitRob Ickes
Stanford and SonRob Ickes
I'll Take LesRob Ickes
KilleenRob Ickes
Juke JointRob Ickes
Blues for SammyRob Ickes
When We Were LeavingRob Ickes
Union PacificRob Ickes
50 Years AgoRob Ickes

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