Wesley Wolfe - Cynics Need Love Too

Wesley Wolfe - Cynics Need Love Too
Release Date:
October 4, 2011
Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
Cynics Need Love Too

Carrboro, North Carolina solo enthusiast Wesley Wolfe truly made this third LP himself, recording every note with ProTools, and -- no lie -- cutting all 50 vinyl copies on a lathe. (Cynics Need Love Too is also available online via free download.). But the point is that unlike some self-contained units, Wolfe is a cut above in craft. His lyrics are funny and witty -- "If you're gonna dream/You might as well stay in bed" -- and despite foregoing a producer, his insular indie tunes harbor a mitigating warmth, via acoustic guitar and piano. "Stranded in Time" and "Restless Sleeper" even sound like Mark Bandola's Lucy Show gems. He's right when he chirps "When the others have all gone away/We'll be the ones that stay." Quality endures, always trumping expedient, ephemeral eminence.

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