Trapt - Only Through the Pain

Trapt - Only Through the Pain
Release Date:
August 5, 2008
Recording Location:
Charell's Temple, Laguna Hills, CA; The Farm Studios, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; The Warehouse Studio, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Alternative Metal, Heavy Metal, Post-Grunge, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock
Only Through the Pain

Trapt is back with their third studio opus titled "Only Through the Pain." With alternative flair on cuts like "Who's Going Home with You Tonight?" and "Black Rose" the band plays well to the genre. The slickly produced "Ready When You Are" is a radio-ready hit. The tune boasts an infectious chorus while guitar nuances interplay nicely. When Trapt plays to their strengths you can hear a '70s vibe as in "Forget About the Rain" and when they rock - it comes out nicely as heard in"Cover Up." The disc boasts earthy guitar tones that liven the palette, via the production of Garth Atreyu (L7, Rage Against the Machine). With "Only Through the Pain," Trapt mixes together several levels of modern rock; whether it's touching on a funky groove or laying out the rock, the band sounds poised to hit the next level.

Wasteland / Dave Bassett / Chris Brown / TraptTrapt3:45
Who's Going Home with You Tonight / Chris Brown / TraptTrapt3:35
Contagious / Dave Bassett / Chris Brown / TraptTrapt4:23
Black Rose / Malka, Adam / Chris BrownTrapt4:41
Ready When You Are / Chris Brown / TraptTrapt4:57
Forget About the Rain / Chris Brown / Peter Charell / Aaron Montgomery / Simon Ormandy / TraptTrapt3:28
Cover Up / Chris Brown / Peter Charell / Aaron Montgomery / Simon Ormandy / TraptTrapt3:45
Only One in Color / Chris Brown / TraptTrapt4:18
Wherever She Goes / Chris Brown / TraptTrapt3:42
Curiosity Kills / Chris Brown / Peter Charell / Aaron Montgomery / Simon Ormandy / TraptTrapt4:21
The Last Tear / Chris Brown / Peter Charell / Aaron Montgomery / Simon Ormandy / TraptTrapt6:47
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