John Eliot Gardiner - Bach Cantatas, Vol. 25: Dresden/Sherborne

John Eliot Gardiner - Bach Cantatas, Vol. 25: Dresden/Sherborne
Release Date:
July 8, 2008
Bach Cantatas, Vol. 25: Dresden/Sherborne

Aside from the gargantuan logistical problems of moving a chamber orchestra, chorus, soloists, and conductor, plus recording equipment with engineers and producers every week, the aesthetic challenges of John Eliot Gardiner's Bach cantata pilgrimage must have been colossal. Imagine: every week the musicians had to prepare and present three or more cantatas in performances that would bear repeated listenings at home. And yet Gardiner and his forces seem to have succeeded every time. In the two-disc volume 25 of the series, Gardiner includes three cantatas for the fifth Sunday after Easter and three for the Sunday after Ascension Day, and, as always before, they succeed in not only performing the works with smooth professionalism but also ardent enthusiasm.Take just In allen meinen Taten, BWV 97. Its nine movements are wonderfully varied in tone and setting, but also totally unified through musical means. Gardiner and his forces capture both the variety and the unity of the work. Bass Stephen Loges' melancholy aria "Es kan mir nichts" with obbligato bassoon, tenor Steven Davislim's jaunty aria "Ich trause" with virtuoso solo violin, alto Robin Tyson's haunting recitative Er wolle meiner Sünden, and soprano Katharine Fuge's joyous aria "Ihm hab ich mich ergeben" with a pair of obbligato oboes all form part of an organic whole here. Recorded in vivid sound, these performances will be mandatory listening for anyone who reveres Bach's cantatas.

Cantata No. 86, "Wahrlich, wahrlich, ich sage euch," BWV 86 (BC A73)
1. (Arioso). Wahrlich, wahrlich, ich sage euchJohn Eliot Gardiner2:23
2. Aria. Ich will doch wohl Rosen brechenJohn Eliot Gardiner5:14
3. Choral. Und was der ewig gütig GottJohn Eliot Gardiner1:44
4. Recitativo. Gott macht es nicht gleichwie die WeltJohn Eliot Gardiner0:25
5. Aria. Gott hilft gewissJohn Eliot Gardiner2:18
6. Choral. Die Hoffnung wart' der rechten ZeitJohn Eliot Gardiner1:07
Cantata No. 87, "Bisher habt ihr nichts gebeten," BWV 87 (BC A74)
1. (Arioso). Bisher habt ihr nichts gebeten in meinem NamenJohn Eliot Gardiner1:29
2. Recitativo. O Wort, das Geist und Seel erschreckt!John Eliot Gardiner0:31
3. Aria. Vergib, o Vater, unsre SchuldJohn Eliot Gardiner7:15
4. Recitativo. Wenn unsre Schuld bis an den Himmel steigtJohn Eliot Gardiner0:47
5. (Arioso). In der Welt habt ihr AngstJohn Eliot Gardiner1:49
6. Aria. Ich will leiden, ich will schweigenJohn Eliot Gardiner4:00
7. Choral. Muss ich sein betrübet?John Eliot Gardiner1:25
Cantata No. 97, "In allen meinen Taten," BWV 97 (BC A189)
1. Coro. In allen meinen TatenJohn Eliot Gardiner3:57
2. Aria. Nichts ist es spät und früheJohn Eliot Gardiner3:15
3. Recitativo. Es kann mir nichts geschehenJohn Eliot Gardiner0:28
4. Aria. Ich traue seiner GnadenJohn Eliot Gardiner5:50
5. Recitativo. Er wolle meiner SündenJohn Eliot Gardiner0:34
6. Aria. Leg ich migh späte niederJohn Eliot Gardiner3:38
7. Aria (Duetto). Hat er es denn beschlossenJohn Eliot Gardiner2:41
8. Aria. Ihm hab ich mich ergebenJohn Eliot Gardiner3:13
9. Choral. So sei nun, Seele, deineJohn Eliot Gardiner0:54

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