Cracker - Kerosene Hat

Cracker - Kerosene Hat
Release Date:
August 24, 1993
Recording Date:
February 25, 1993 - March 25, 1993
Recording Location:
Soundstage, Pioneertown, CA
Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, American Trad Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative Country-Rock, Album Rock, College Rock, Roots Rock
Kerosene Hat

With their second album Cracker have lost the smarmy self-righteousness that plagued their otherwise fine debut, replacing it with a surprisingly solid, rocking core. Kerosene Hat is David Lowery's least affected album yet -- its humor is no stranger than "Dead Flowers" by the Stones or "Fat Man in a Bathtub" by Little Feat, two groups that Cracker strongly recall throughout the album. Kerosene Hat is more blues- and country-based than their debut, but it sounds natural, since their songwriting has improved and they've grown tighter as a unit.

Low / Davey Faragher / Johnny Hickman / David LoweryCracker4:35
Movie Star / David LoweryCracker3:32
Get off This / Davey Faragher / Johnny Hickman / David LoweryCracker4:19
Kerosene Hat / David LoweryCracker5:34
Take Me Down to the Infirmary / David LoweryCracker4:03
Nostalgia / David Fragher / John Hickman / David LoweryCracker3:29
Sweet Potato / David Fragher / John Hickman / David LoweryCracker3:14
Sick of Goodbyes / Mark Linkous / David LoweryCracker3:07
I Want Everything / David LoweryCracker5:51
Lonesome Johnny Blues / John HickmanCracker2:40
Let's Go for a Ride / David Fragher / John Hickman / David LoweryCracker3:06
Loser / Jerry Garcia / Robert HunterCracker6:06
[Blank Track]Cracker0:40
[Blank Track]Cracker0:05
Hi-Desert Biker Meth Lab / Davey Faragher / John Hickman / David LoweryCracker0:40

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