GWAR - Bloody Pit of Horror

GWAR - Bloody Pit of Horror
Release Date:
November 9, 2010
Recording Location:
Karma Studios, Richmond, VA
Alternative Metal, Power Metal, Comedy Rock, Heavy Metal
Bloody Pit of Horror

With there being an overabundance of metal bands hiding behind gory masks and costumes circa the early 21st century, some forget that GWAR was one of the first to specialize in this "comic book/horror movie" style and approach. And what has set GWAR apart from most of the "masked metal competition" is that they have always had a sense of humor in what they've done, while some of the similar-looking bands that followed in their path take things a bit too seriously. You've got to give GWAR some credit -- they're still at it (decades after first appearing on the scene), as evidenced by the arrival of their 12th studio album overall, 2010's Bloody Pit of Horror. As with past GWAR releases, you know exactly what to expect before your "listening experience" begins: Metallica-like buzz-saw riffing, grizzly/gory lyrics, etc.

And wouldn't you know it? Bloody Pit of Horror sounds just like their previous albums! Take a gander at such song titles as the album-opener "Zombies, March," as well as "A Gathering of Ghouls," and "Hail, Genocide," and you know exactly what lies ahead. Also included is a song in which the band does their best "Type O Negative impersonation" (especially the vocals of GWAR's leader, Oderus Urungus), perhaps as a tribute to recently deceased Type O founder, Pete Steele. While GWAR is still obviously best experienced on the concert stage (they continue to offer the most over-the-top stage show in all of rock), Bloody Pit of Horror won't let the GWAR faithful down.

The Bloody Pit Of Horror, Pt. 1: Zombies, March! / GWARGWAR4:33
The Bloody Pit Of Horror, Pt. 2: Come The Carnivore / GWARGWAR2:23
The Bloody Pit Of Horror, Pt. 3: A Gathering of Ghouls / GWARGWAR2:07
The Bloody Pit Of Horror, Pt. 4: Storm Is Coming / GWARGWAR3:54
Tick-Tits / GWARGWAR3:18
Beat You To Death / GWARGWAR3:39
You are My Meat / GWARGWAR2:33
Hail, Genocide! / GWARGWAR3:19
KZ Necromancer / GWARGWAR3:19
The Litany of the Slain / GWARGWAR4:15
Sick and Twisted / GWARGWAR3:42

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