Jean-Philippe Marthély - Touloulou

Jean-Philippe Marthély - Touloulou
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This is another outstanding album from Jean-Philippe Marthely and Kassav during their most creatively productive period. Jacob Desvarieux and George Decimus were still arranging the compositions. They were taking zouk to new heights with each release.

A certain member fronting the group became a very successful formula and enabled each artist to put their creative stamp on a particular recording. Touloulou, a fast-moving small crab of the Antilles, is no exception. Jean-Philippe Marthely shows his songwriting ability here, writing six of the seven tracks. All of the tracks burst with inventiveness, change, and a percussive power that says something about the energy generated by Kassav in the '80s. For those who are zouk aficionados, this album is a must-have. For those who are not, this is a good way to experience Kassav in their powerhouse years. Highly recommended.

TouloulouJean-Philippe Marthély5:38
ReteJean-Philippe Marthély5:25
Pa. Za. PaJean-Philippe Marthély3:38
Zioum (I Adan)Jean-Philippe Marthély6:28
We LeJean-Philippe Marthély5:02
Bel KreatiJean-Philippe Marthély4:53
En le MonteJean-Philippe Marthély4:24

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