Chamber Music Palm Beach - Illuminations

Chamber Music Palm Beach - Illuminations
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Chamber Music

In this refreshing album, Chamber Music Palm Beach presents several attractive but unduly neglected modern works, many of which have waited decades for a revival. The Chôros No.

7 by Heitor Villa-Lobos is bumptious and a little confusing in its counterpoint and tricky cross-rhythms, but its rude humor and Brazilian color make it an engaging work.

André Jolivet's Pastorales de Nöel is a quieter affair, and though its four movements are conservative in style, its melodic simplicity and natural tone colors are sufficient for this modest work's goals. Malcolm Arnold's neo-Classical Trio for flute, viola, and bassoon is filled with exuberance and wit, and is the most pointedly comical piece on the disc. Clark McAlister's Le Rideau rouge is the single contemporary offering, and was specifically composed for this ensemble. Its blending of Baroque forms with a mid-twentieth century American contrapuntal style lend it the enigmatic quality of pastiche, yet without obvious references. Emile Paladilhe's sentimental Danse noble is an obscure item, discovered and arranged by McAlister for this recording and played with a romantic warmth that is unusual among the selections. Bohuslav Martinu's bustling Nonet gives the group ample opportunity for virtuosic playing and brings the program to a vivacious conclusion.

Chôros No. 7, for flute, oboe, clarinet, sax, bassoon, violin, cello & off-stage gong, "Setemino", A. 199Chamber Music Palm Beach8:59
Pastorales de Nöel, for flute/violin, bassoon/viola/cello & harp
L'Étoile - Simple et sans lenteurChamber Music Palm Beach3:43
Les Mages - Très modéréChamber Music Palm Beach3:22
La Vierge et l'Enfant - SimpleChamber Music Palm Beach3:11
Entrée et Danse des Bergers - Simple; VifChamber Music Palm Beach2:39
Trio for flute, viola & bassoon, Op. 6
Allegro ma non troppoChamber Music Palm Beach3:31
Andante con motoChamber Music Palm Beach3:14
Allegro comodoChamber Music Palm Beach4:10
Le Rideau rouge, prélude et petite chaconne for wind quintet, string quartet & double bassChamber Music Palm Beach9:57
Danse noble (Concertino de Violes)Chamber Music Palm Beach3:43
Nonet for wind quintet, violin, viola, cello & double bass, H. 374
Poco AllegroChamber Music Palm Beach4:52
AndanteChamber Music Palm Beach5:44
AllegrettoChamber Music Palm Beach5:26

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