Marty Wilde - Wilde About Marty/Showcase

Marty Wilde - Wilde About Marty/Showcase
Release Date:
October 28, 2003
Wilde About Marty/Showcase

Marty Wilde's legacy hasn't been treated as well as those of his contemporaries Cliff Richard and Billy Fury. All of Richard's albums and singles, and even a good measure of important outtakes, have appeared on CD, and Fury's early LPs and singles have been reissued in more than one multi-CD set. Until BGO released this compilation of Wilde's first two LPs on one CD, the only source for his material was a poorly annotated anthology. This two-LP-on-one-CD collection makes up for some of that lack of attention, not only presenting the best part of his early recording career in the best possible manner but also displaying the full range of his talent -- the presence of Big Jim Sullivan and other top session players made his records as good as anything coming out of England before the Beatles, and he's still worth hearing four decades later, on "Bad Boy" obviously, but just as much on "Endless Sleep," "A Teenager in Love," "Sea of Love," "High School Confidential," "Blue Moon of Kentucky," "Love of My Life," and especially, "All American Boy."

Down the Line / Roy Orbison / Sam PhillipsMarty Wilde1:55
Love of My Life / Boudleaux BryantMarty Wilde2:28
Put Me Down / Roland JanesMarty Wilde1:57
Blue Moon of Kentucky / Bill MonroeMarty Wilde1:59
Dream Lover / Bobby DarinMarty Wilde2:25
You've Got Love / Roy Orbison / Norman Petty / Johnny WilsonMarty Wilde2:01
I Flipped / Bill HicksMarty Wilde2:01
All Amercian BoyMarty Wilde2:46
Mean Woman Blues / Claude DemetriusMarty Wilde2:28
Are You Sincere / Wayne WalkerMarty Wilde2:49
High School Confidential / Ron Hargrave / Jerry Lee LewisMarty Wilde2:16
Don't Pity Me / Sid Jacobson / Lou StallmanMarty Wilde2:25
Splish Splash / Bobby Darin / Murray "The K" KaufmanMarty Wilde1:46
So Glad You're Mine / Arthur "Big Boy" CrudupMarty Wilde2:57
Honeycomb / Bob MerrillMarty Wilde2:13
No One Knows / Ken Hecht / Ernie MarescaMarty Wilde2:22
The Fire of Love / Jody ReynoldsMarty Wilde2:02
Endless Sleep / Dolores Nance / Jody ReynoldsMarty Wilde2:20
A Teenager in Love / Doc Pomus / Mort ShumanMarty Wilde2:22
My Heart and I / Richard TauberMarty Wilde2:01
Donna / Ritchie ValensMarty Wilde2:14
It's Been Nice / Doc Pomus / Mort ShumanMarty Wilde1:56
Sea of Love / Phillip Baptiste / George KhouryMarty Wilde2:26
Teenage Tears / Doc Pomus / Mort ShumanMarty Wilde2:20
Bad Boy / Marty WildeMarty Wilde2:27
Johnny RoccoMarty Wilde2:30

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